Ralph Gracie Mission Viejo, CA

Rules & Etiquette

  1. Students must always show respect to all peers and instructors. Please treat everyone with courtesy. All students share the responsibility of keeping the Academy safe and clean.

  2. Please do not arrive late to class or leave early. If you must, obtain permission from your instructor first. Class begins with students lining up in descending rank, remaining quiet and attentive in class and not engaging in idle, unnecessary chatter. This is of particular importance when the Professor is speaking or demonstrating a technique.

  3. Students must properly wear a clean, odor-free uniform all the time. The uniform must be in peak condition for every class. Professors have the right to deny training if a student’s Gi is unsanitary.

  4. Students must always wear an official RGMV Gi with both jacket and pants and an official RGMV rashguard under the GI. No-Gi classes require an appropriate uniform with RGMV rashguard and GI pants or no GI shorts with spats.

  5. Hats, outdoor shoes, or jewelry are prohibited in the mat area. The Academy does not hold itself responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen items.

  6. All students must maintain impeccable personal hygiene due to the close-contact nature of the art of Jiu-Jitsu. All students are required to report any injury, health, or skin condition to their instructor prior to class. Any skin condition must be addressed immediately before a class begins. All students must keep their fingernails and toenails short for safety reasons.

  7. Obscene language, ill temperament, or discrimination (of any kind) will never be tolerated at the Academy. Always control your temper while training. Do not abuse your knowledge of martial arts. Martial arts should only be used to protect yourself and others. Footwear/Flip-flops must be worn off the mats.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Training

  • Train to the best of your ability and always apply maximum effort.
  • To get the most out of your training, attend classes regularly.
  • Be always on your best behavior and respect the Academy’s etiquette.
  • Listen to your instructor carefully.
  • Improve and train the skills you already have.
  • Learn any new skills with precision, concentration, and motivation.While some of these rules may seem strict and formal, they exist for a reason: The Academy Etiquette Guidelines are crucial to instill the respect and discipline necessary when practicing martial arts. Without committing to these guidelines, practicing this art form could be dangerous. Thank you, RGMV Staff.