Ralph Gracie Mission Viejo, CA

Understanding the Value of Kids’ Jiu Jitsu Classes in Mission Viejo, California

We want our children to be well-rounded and well-adjusted. We want them disciplined and well-mannered with the confidence and self-assuredness to accomplish their goals in life and realize their dreams. We wish for them a good group of like-minded friends and a healthy outlet for stress and anxiety. We hope that they enjoy all of the benefits of a healthy mind and body and that they possess the wherewithal and capability to protect themselves and those they love from physical harm, should the unfortunate need arise.

The Ralph Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy, which was named “Best Martial Arts School of 2022” by the Mission Viejo Awards Program, inducted into the Business Hall of Fame for the last five consecutive years and offering classes specifically developed for kids of all ages, is the perfect place to arm your children with all of the above. 


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian jiu jitsu is a yielding martial art which manipulates an opponent’s force against them…a pragmatic discipline which applies effective groundwork and takedown techniques to real-world defense situations. The beauty of Brazilian jiu jitsu (actually one of many) is that it provides opponents of varying degrees of size, strength and skill levels the ability to neutralize their opponents, gaining the advantage.

Emerging from the distinctive origins of Kodokan judo – a martial art which emphasizes the throwing techniques of Japanese jujutsu, Brazilian jiu jitsu has rightfully enjoyed exponential growth and popularity in recent years. Today, largely due to its distinguished history, Brazilian jiu jitsu has earned a respected place in the world of sports. 

The philosophy of Brazilian jiu jitsu is grounded in the values of gratitude, respect and grace; and while Ralph Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy students are encouraged to perfect their technique and win competitions, they are also taught to win with humility and succeed in life by putting forth those same best efforts and high morals. The ground rules of Brazilian jiu jitsu help to maximize these principles and instill respect.

Strength, conditioning, discipline, self-defense, confidence, teamwork and fun are all components of Brazilian jiu jitsu and an integral part of the core focus at Ralph Gracie Mission Viejo. Ralph Gracie students of Brazilian jiu jitsu master valuable life skills, build character and learn how to defend themselves and their family and friends. Students of Brazilian jiu jitsu also gain physical awareness and acumen and, more often than not, they make lifelong friends as well. 


The Specific Benefits Brazilian Jujitsu Can Provide for Your Child

Brazilian jiu jitsu is a particularly positive activity for our kids, who are at a stage of development where social interaction, physical engagement and important life lessons are all crucial for their achievement of a healthy level of maturity and an indispensable real-world approach.

Boasting a record number ticket sales in Ultimate Fighting Championship arenas throughout the entire world, Brazilian jiu jitsu is one of the hottest things trending. Consequently, becoming a student of Brazilian jiu jitsu isn’t typically something that requires a whole lot of parental persuasion. Oh, wait! That’s a benefit for you.

Seriously though, Brazilian jiu jitsu is a respectable martial art that will motivate your child, continue to hold their attention and provide them with a host of valuable benefits which may last a lifetime, including:

Self-esteem – Kids work at their own pace to reach their desired skill levels within Brazilian jiu jitsu, boosting self-confidence. 

Discipline – Brazilian jiu jitsu provides structure, reinforcing good values and behavior, as well as patience and self-control.

Physical Health – Brazilian jujitsu can improve physical strength and stamina, as well as motor skills, coordination and balance.

Mental Health – An excellent way to burn off excess energy, Brazilian jiu jitsu has been proven to decrease anxiety, depression, anger and aggression, improve sleep patterns and, subsequently, concentration and focus.

And, if you choose Ralph Gracie Mission Viejo for your child’s Brazilian jiu jitsu instruction, your child can excel within an accepting, supportive environment…


Why Ralph Gracie Mission Viejo?

Mission Viejo, California is home to Ralph Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy and its lead instructor, black belt and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Master Marcela Lucena, who was born and raised in Brazil, the birthplace of Brazilian jiu jitsu and many of its masters – with whom Brazilian Jujitsu Master Marcela Lucena has competed.

Marcela Lucena is a Rio de Janeiro State, Brazilian, American, Pan American and world champion, as well as a three-time bronze medal champion of the first world-held Brazilian jiu jitsu competitions with over 25 years of experience in the sport of Brazilian jiu jitsu. He has trained with the best of the best and continues to do so, competing at the highest level Brazilian jiu jitsu tournaments, including the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation World Master in Las Vegas.

Marcela Lucena also has years of teaching experience under that black belt and the skillset, disposition and talent to guide, motivate and inspire students of this exceptional martial art. It is no wonder Ralph Gracie Mission Viejo is revered as one of the world’s best for Brazilian jiu jitsu instruction.

If your child would like to learn one of the fastest growing sports in the world from the first Ultimate Fighting Champion in the world or you would like to learn more about Brazilian jiu jitsu or Ralph Gracie Mission Viejo Academy, call 949-400-7108, email ralphgraciemv@gmail.com or visit us at our convenient location: 26861 Trabuco Road #H, Mission Viejo, California.